Book place on 2014 London Forum

  • Open to all! To book one or more places at the 17th August 2014 Forum. Be sure you fill in all attendee names (one per line), saying who is the patient, carer, doctor etc.  We will take your contact details when you check out.  You can download the draft forum details and programme here: Programme and booking form  you can also print off and book by post with a UK cheque. This form also contains details of location, hotels etc.  Please book as soon as you are able- places are limited and hotels will get more expensive the later you leave it.

    If you are not paying in UK Pounds, buy as normal, and Paypal should sort out your billing conversion  in your local currency- you can pay with almost any credit or debit card as well as with Paypal.   If you have any problems at all booking or paying, please let us know as soon as possible by email with a description of what went wrong .   Many thanks. 

    Enter the name of all event attendees (one per line)