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Your new Patient Support Manager

Bob Perry
Bob Perry is our new Patient Support Manager.

We're delighted to welcome Bob onto the WMUK team, where he will continue to manage and grow the WMUK virtual and in-person support groups, as well as the charity's new webinar series.

"As someone living with WM I feel honoured to be asked to join the team as a Support and Information Manager," says Bob. "As I have found through firstly my actual Bournemouth and District WM Support groups and more recently my Virtual Support Group meetings there are many of you out there who are perhaps in need of honest support and encouragement, especially those of you new to this condition. I hope to be able to facilitate great support and the provision of well-founded information through searching it out from our clinicians and also to cultivate a real buddy system so that not a single WMer feels alone."

If you're eager to help Bob with providing personal support to people affected by WM, or would like to know more about finding support, you can contact Bob directly on