Heroic School Bake for Waldenstrom Research

Heroic School Bake for Waldenstrom Research


8 Year 4 pupils at Holy Cross Primary Academy, Hucknall, took on a cake baking challenge for their fete to raise money for Waldenstrom Research, as they were so concerned when one of their relatives was diagnosed with WM

Upset at the lack of a permanent cure for an older relative diagnosed with Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia, 8 year 4 children at Holy Cross Catholic Primary Academy, in Hucknall, near Nottingham, decided to bake cakes to raise funds for Waldenstrom Research at their school fete. They managed to raise an amazing £163.75 and were presented with a certificate from WMUK, the blood cancer charity. 
At  WMUK's recent meeting of doctors and patients in Oxford, their magnificent effort was shown to the audience which were so moved that they had a spontaneous bucket collection to try to double the amount the children raised - and in fact quadrupled it.  So now the grand total stands at an amazing £852.75 !

WMUK has no paid employees, so all the funds raised will go towards research for a cure in this rare blood cancer. 

WMUK sends a BIG thank you to the children for their magnificent project and for those that supported them.  We wish we were there to see their certificate presentation at their end of year assembly.