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Welcome to the WM community

Welcome to the WM community!  - a small,caring and unusually friendly place.  WMUK is an unique charitable partnership between Waldenström's Macroblobulinemia  patients, carers, specialist doctors and nurses.   We receive no government support, nobody is paid and we rely solely on your donations.  We have minimal running expenses, so all your donations go to our current projects. We have Facebook,Twitter, Justgiving and BT MyDonate pages to support you in fundraising events.

We work with you to provide information, support and events including an annual London forum, regional days and educational sessions for doctors and nurses.  We lobby for the best possible treatment for this rare non-Hodgkin lymphoma throughout the UK, which affects up to 4000 people in the UK and we are dedicated to looking ahead for potential new treatments and needs of patients and their carers.  

We work closely with overseas WM organisations including the IWMF in the USA and the European WM network to share the latest information about WM.  We have doctors and patients as trustees and an active medical advisory board of the most experienced  UK WM doctors. There is an extensive WMUK Doctor Forum which has regular London meetings and you can also just elect to receive emailed news.  Just send us a message or email to join. 

WM is a rare, slow moving (indolent) blood cancer caused by genetic changes in the B cells (Lymphocytes) of the blood.  It disproportionately affects older people and men have higher rates.  It is sometimes described as LPL- a lymphoproliferative disease. It is treatable, but not yet curable - but watch this space!

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  • 8 per million diagnosed each year
  • Roughly 400 per year in UK
  • 5 men to every 3 women