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About WMUK

WMUK is the only charity in the UK focused solely on Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinaemia (WM), a rare type of blood cancer.

Our vision is that people affected by Waldenstrom's macroglobulinaemia live longer good quality lives, being supported every step of the way by WMUK.
Our goal is to be the informed voice of WM in the UK.

WMUK consulted with the WM community through working groups and surveys to better understand the community's needs and identify key areas for development. The result: WMUK's Strategy. This document outlines our areas of work for the next 5 years, how we plan to build on our existing services, reach more patients and improve access to care.

We rely solely on voluntary donations to fund the charity's work. This year, we're aiming to raise more than ever, so we can spend more more support services and research.

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We need your   help

We're proud of how far we've come, but there is still so much more to do. We simply can't do it without your help. Please consider donating today so that we can ensure that no one with WM feels alone, without the information they need to live well with the disease.

WMUK Board

WMUK Board

Every charity has a Board. A Board is a group of elected individuals who are all responsible for the governance and strategic direction of an organisation. To govern WMUK our Board defines our long term direction, furthering its purposes as set out in our governing document. It also makes sure that WMUK is effectively and properly run with legal and all other obligations met. The Board's utmost duty is to protect WMUK's best interests through decisions made on its behalf. 

Dr Harriet Scorer

Dr Harriet Scorer

Harriet was diagnosed with WM over 20 years ago. She is a qualified doctor (gynaecology) and runs her own healthcare consultancy business.

Charles Lilley

Charles Lilley

This is Charles he is 68, retired lives in Cornwall, keeps bees and rides his motorbikes. He has worked in Health IT for over 40 years. 

Jane Kidd

Jane Kidd

Jane is a highly experienced leader who has worked in global Pharma companies for 30 years, holding global, regional, and country executive positions in strategic marketing, market access, healthcare solutions and as a managing director. She has operated as an independent Consultant and Non-Executive Director for the past 7 years, working to build board-level strategies that help transform organisations, teams and brands, elevating business performance, and driving growth and transformation.

Dr Shirley D'Sa

Dr Shirley D’Sa - Special Advisor to the Board

Dr D’Sa is a founder trustee of WMUK. She is a Consultant Haematologist with a special interest in Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinaemia and runs the largest WM clinic in the UK at University College London Hospitals (UCLH). She leads WMUK’s Biobank and Rory Morrison WMUK Registry projects that collect and store clinical data about WM.

Clinica Advisory
Governance Committee
Research Committee

Clinical Advisory
Board Members

The clinical advisory committee's role is to provide advice and knowledge/ support to WMUK. The Clinical Advisory Board ensures WMUK can provide the most up-to-date information and support wherever people are in the UK. They review all our information ensuring it is accurate and up to date, help with questions raised through our support channels and provide talks as part of our series of webinars. 

Dr Dima El-Sharkawi (Chair)

Dr Shirley D’Sa

Dr Roger Owen

Prof Guy Pratt

Dr Helen McCarthy

Dr Jaimal Kothari

Dr Rebecca Auer

Dr Charlampia Kyriakou

Dr Kirsty Cuthill

Prof Michael Lunn

Dr Aisling Carr

Committee Members

The research committee's role is to evaluate whether a proposed project is consistent with WMUK's mission, whether the appropriate resources are in place to conduct the research and whether the study outcomes are likely to be useful. They also have responsibility to develop, implement and monitor the WMUK Research Strategy in accordance with WMUK's strategic plan.

Dr Harriet Scorer ​(Chair)

Karen Facey

​Professor Sam Salek

Dr Dima El-Sharkawi

Dr Roger Owen

Joy Ellery

Jane Nicholson


Patient Advisory Group

WMUK was created by patients, for patients and we're dedicated to keeping the patient voice at the heart of everything we do. Our Patient Advisory Group (PAG) is made up of 17 patients with a variety of backgrounds and experience. They provide insight at every level of our projects, to ensure that the services we deliver are meeting patient needs.

Governance Committee Members

The governance committee's role is to ensure compliance with all matters related to the protection and privacy of data. They make the decisions about changing data usage, making data quality improvements and make decisions that require resources to be expended in line with WMUK's strategic objective of achieving world class data on WM. 

Charles Lilley

Dr Peter Walton

Jane Nicholson

Our Team


Jane Nicholson
Jane Nicholson​

An experienced CEO in both the commercial and not for profit sectors, Jane has experience in shaping, driving and leading organisations. Jane joined WMUK in March 2021 and is passionate about improving WM patient outcomes. 

Lorena Silverton
Database and Governance Manager

Lorena joined WMUK in the summer of 2023. With extensive experience in helping small charities to grow by harnessing the power of data, Lorena helps to ensure the charity runs smoothly behind the scenes.

Kat Tucker
Kat Tucker
Deputy CEO

Kat joined WMUK in 2020. She supports Jane in the smooth running of the charity, whilst leading on the charity's patient information, and measuring the impact of the charity's work, identifying areas where we can further help patients and families.

Alison McKinney
Alison McKinney​
Chief Nursing Officer

Alison is a fully qualified RCN and joined WMUK in August 2022, when she set up our Support Line. Now, she is responsible for clinical support and education, including Nurse Study Days as well as bridging the gap between patients and clinicians by raising WM awareness and improving care and outcomes for patients. 

Beth Webster
Clinical and Community Support Nurse

Beth is a fully qualified nurse, with 12 years of experience, with four years working directly in haematology.  From this time she gained significant experience working with WM patients, specifically on a haematology day unity and as a Lymphoma Clinical Nurse Specialist. Her role also encompasses engaging and supporting the WM community, from connecting patients and loved ones to the right kinds of information and support they need, to how they can also get involved in supporting WMUK too.

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