Get Involved

It's vital that patients, carers and medical professionals work together to raise the level of knowledge about WM, encourage people to enter clinical trials and report back on the latest research.

At WMUK we are all volunteers. We know most of you have little spare time in coping with the disease, caring or working, but if you can help in some way that would be magnificent.  More specifically we need people to:

  1. Be a Helpful Patient!    Helpful patients are prepared to chat to others (particularly the newly diagnosed) about their patient (or carer) journey through the bumpy road that is WM.  This is particularly valuable at forums, and you even get a badge! 
  2. Help by becoming a member of the advisory board of WMUK if you can contribute useful skills. Ideally be a patient with a fair bit of experience of WM and with the curiosity to investigate further and read round the subject.  Some medical or scientific background would be useful.
  3. Organising fund raising events.  We have a BT MyDonate page which you can use for sponsored events, walks etc. This will make it easy for your supporters to donate online and automatically add Gift Aid.   Here Roger Tudor ran in Manchester for his father who has WM.                                    
  4. Making a donation, however small, which will be recorded and acknowledged. We can use small donations to help with day-to-day running costs.  We can always find a home for larger donations at specialist hospitals and research facilities dealing with WM.  We can also pass through donations to the IWMF for research or share donations with them at no cost. We can add Gift Aid to UK donations if you are a UK taxpayer.
  5. Adding to our website Patient Tales and 'Patient Tales' wall displayed at our Forums . See the existing case studies as an example.  There are really valuable inspiration to others, and also to doctors.
  6. Give us brief information about your treatment history on signing up so we can build up a picture of centres of WM excellence round the UK to help the newly diagnosed.  This should include the address of the hospital, consultant's name and your comments.
  7. Join our WMUK Online Forum.  Click on the on line forum page above and sign up to this friendly community where you can ask the most difficult or beginner’s questions.  It's invaluable for the newly diagnosed.  We intend to slowly migrate the existing Yahoo! WM group on to this dedicated platform. 
  8. Be a 'specialist patient' for the WMUK and IWMF lifeline - be available by email or phone to answer questions from other patients in you area of interest -  people who have undergone a variety of treatments are urgently needed.

If you can help, just send us an email and we will be in touch.

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