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Thank you to our amazing 20 for 20 fundraisers!

We're so grateful to everyone who participated in the 20 for 20 challenge, raising vital funds for people affected by Waldenstrom's macroglobulinaemia during this difficult year.

Two of our dedicated fundraisers share their 20 for 20 stories.

Andrea Woodford

Andrea Woodford

Andrea completed a myriad of different challenges over twenty days, including hula-hooping, going for a 20 minute walk and learning how to say 'hello' in 20 different languages!

"I was diagnosed with WM in November 2018 and started treatment in February 2020," Andrea said. "The day to day challenges of living with a rare cancer that no-one seems to have heard of, let alone pronounce, has been and remains difficult, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. WMUK actively helps me understand my disease through literature, support forums and virtual conferences."

We're in awe Andrea - thank you so much!

Ed Lillie

Ed Lillie - 20 for 20 Challenge

Ed took on the challenge of doing at least 1,000 keepie-uppies every day for 20 days! Check out his giving page to see him in footballing action.

On why he took on the challenge, Ed said: "I am a Waldenstrom's macroglobulinaemia patient myself and have benefited from treatments currently available. I would like to help WMUK raise the needed resources to continue to support all those affected by WM and also for WMUK to be involved with other bodies that are focussed on developing more effective treatments and, hopefully, ultimately a cure for the disease."

We're so inspired by Ed's efforts, and can't thank him enough for his dedication to raising funds and awareness.

Inspired by Ed and Andrea?

The 20 for 20 challenge may have finished, but there are still loads of ways you can support WMUK. Check out the link below!

We always love to hear from fundraisers, so whether you have an event planned, or just want advice, please get in touch any time by email or phone 020 3096 7858

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