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Webinar recording 2


A recording of our joint webinar "WM and COVID-19" held in partnership with Lymphoma Action on Friday 19th June, is now available for those who were not able to join us on the day, or who wish to watch it again. 
virus vs science

Viruses vs Science: how COVID-19 gives itself away

Dr Shirley D'Sa, WMUK Trustee and Consultant Haematologist and WM lead at University College London Hospitals, explains the science behind the current COVID-19 pandemic and what we know about this virus.

Let's help beat COVID-19 for all - download the COVID Symptom Tracker

The COVID Symptom Tracker developed by ZOE Global Limited, alongside King's College London, to study the symptoms and spread of COVID-19, have now partnered with the UK's leading charities and all of the Royal Medical Colleges, to better understand the virus in those who are more vulnerable. To help support this important initiative, more volunteers are needed to take part.
BTK Inhibitors

BTK inhibitors – do they have a role to play in reducing the impact of COVID-19?

Research amongst WM patients with COVID-19 shows interesting findings.
There is a suggestion that BTK inhibitors such as ibrutinib, acalabrutinib and zanubrutinib may provide favourable suppression of the immune system resulting in the reduction of inflammatory damage to the lungs due to COVID-19 - the so-called cytokine release syndrome (CRS).

Welcome to our new website!

As part of our ongoing commitment to support people with WM and their families, WMUK are proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website for the WM community.

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