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Find the latest information on WM diagnosis and management.

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19 Sept 2023

WMUK Strategy 2023-2028

How the charity aims to grow support, information and access to treatment in the next five years.

10 Mar 2022

Congress Report iwWM 2022

A special issue of “memo inOncology”.

16 Feb 2023

Born in the UK: A registry to improve and broadcast...

Commentary on: Uppal E. et al. The WMUK Rory Morrison Registry...

30 Sept 2021

The Rory Morrison WMUK Registry Report 2021

The 2nd report from the Rory Morrison WMUK Registry.

8 Feb 2023

Fast Facts: Waldenström Macroglobulinemia

The authors distill current knowledge on the pathophysiology, epidemiology...

1 Dec 2021

British Society for Haematology Guidelines for WM diagn...

New (Dec 2021) guidelines produced by the British Society for Haematology...

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