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The WMUK webinar series


Whether you want to learn more about Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinaemia, or have questions on a specific topic, our experts have the answers. Pour yourself a cuppa and settle down to watch our webinars with lead specialists in WM, mental health, cardiology, research and more...

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WM for beginners

13 September 2023

Dr Jin Lindsay covers all the basics for WM - great for people who are newly diagnosed or want to refresh their knowledge

Employment rights and benefits

13 April 2023

Eleanor Spink from Maggie's Charity, discusses your employment rights as a person living with WM

Cold Agglutin Disease & Cryoglobulinaemia

7 March 2023

Dr Jahanzaib Khwaja from UCLH will discuss Cryoglobulinaemia and Cold Agglutin Disease

WM and mental health

15 October 2022

Dr Iain Jordan on how to look after your mental health when you or a loved one is diagnosed with WM.

What WMUK is doing for the WM Community

7 June 2023

Learn what the charity is doing for WM patients and their ambitious plans for the future.

Emotional wellbeing & resilience

20 March 2023

Jo Ham discusses emotional wellbeing and resilience with the WM community

The role of CNS in WM treatment

12 December 2022

CNS Charlotte Bloodworth on the role of a CNS in the treatment of WM

WM for beginners

22 September 2022

Dr Shirley D’Sa goes back to the basics of WM in her in-depth WM for Beginners Webinar.

Stem cell transplants

7 June 2023

We're joined by Anthony Nolan, the charity that connects patients with stem cell donors, to talk about stem cell transplants in people with WM

Getting the most from consultations

10 March 2023

A fascinating webinar with Professor Dame Lesley Fallowfield on how to get the most from your medical appointments

The future of WM treatment

11 November 2022

Dr Dima El-Sharkawi on the future of WM treatment.

Physio for Peripheral Neuropathy

7 March 2022

Dr Gita Ramdharry from UCLH talks physiotherapy and other ways to help manage PN, a common condition among WMers.

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