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Patient Advisory Group

Help shape the WM community and empower WM patients by providing feedback and input into WMUK's projects and information

What is the Patient Advisory Group?

WMUK was set up by a WM patient and as we grow, we're determined that the patient voice remains at the heart of our organisation, informing our strategy, projects and information.

The Patient Advisory Group (PAG) has been set up to ensure this happens. It is formed of around 20 dedicated volunteers who have been diagnosed with WM or lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma (LPL). These people provide feedback on a range of projects from support initiatives through to reviewing information booklets to give the patient perspective.

Who can join PAG?

We're looking for dedicated and enthusiastic individuals to join the group. Anyone with a confirmed diagnosis of WM or LPL, living in the UK, can apply.

We want to ensure that PAG reflects the whole WM community, so recruit people based on their backgrounds to have as wide a variety of experiences as possible.

We recruit for PAG through an application process.

Applications are now closed

What does being in PAG involve?

Being a member of PAG is a long-term volunteering commitment. We'll send you information as and when we are looking for it to be reviewed. Examples of projects you'll be involved in are:

  • Reviewing patient information for print or our website

  • Providing the patient perspective for external purposes, such a NICE proposals

  • Giving constructive feedback into new programmes being created by WMUK

  • Feeding into the WMUK long-term strategy

PAG is hugely important to our charity and its members play a crucial part in being a strong and constructive patient voice, ensuring that we can meet our aims of empowering patients and families.

How do I apply?

Applications to PAG are now closed. We'll publicise when spots become available on our website in our newsletter. Sign up to ensure you're the first to be made aware.

Anyone with a confirmed WM or LPL diagnosis who is living and being treated in the UK can apply to PAG.

We have a limited number of spots on the group, and want to ensure we have a broad range of experiences and knowledge to give a variety of perspectives. For this reason not everyone who applies is offered a place. We ask that you give as much information as possible in your application so we can make the most informed decision.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications from anyone who has previously been: a member of staff, a trustee or member of another WMUK committee.

We'll let you know about your application within two working weeks of the closing date. We might ask to have an informal chat with you to get more information. In either case, we'll contact you on the email address you give in your application, so please make sure it's an inbox you check frequently.

If you meet the required criteria but are unsuccessful in your application, you may apply to PAG when a spot becomes available in the future.

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