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Community and research at the forefront of WM Forum

The importance of the WM community and patient-focussed research were the two key takeaways from the first ever European WM Patient Forum.

Battling torrential rain, cancelled trains and gale-force winds, the WM community was still able to come together in Birmingham and Amsterdam for a fantastic day of learning, sharing and positivity.

For those that couldn't attend in person, the event was live-streamed, giving people at home the chance to learn and ask questions in live time.

From listening to WM clinical experts talk about how WM develops and available treatments, to expert patients discussing how they manage their symptoms and navigate the often complex clinical trials process, there was something for everyone, no matter their stage in their diagnosis. In fact, one attendee commented: "In the seven years since my WM diagnosis I learned more today than in those seven years."

We rounded the day off in Birmingham with an exciting session on research, and putting patients at the heart of ground-breaking projects, finishing off with the launch of WMUK new research study, WM & Me. Attendees learnt more about the importance of sharing data, and how this will push forward changes in care, treatment and outcomes.

For everyone who missed out, not all is lost: next week all the sessions from both venues will be available on line - keep an eye on our social media and emails for the links.

A huge thank you goes to our event partners at the IWMF, as well as SaySo - the people behind the streaming that linked the UK and European communities so seamlessly. And of course, our amazing speakers, who gave up their Saturdays to help the community feel less isolated and more empowered to live well with WM.

Did you attend either in person or virtually? Then, please let us know how we did. Attendee feedback was key to the organisation of this year's event, and your feedback this year will make next year even better.


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