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Financial help for the WM community!

EDIT: Due to the high response to this programme, the fund has now been closed. We thank our generous donors who made this possible, and are working hard to reopen the fund in the future.

WMUK is thrilled to announce its first ever Patient Assistance Fund to help offer financial support to the WM Community.

As the cost of living continues to rise in the UK, we recognise that this will inevitably impact people living with WM. Having a diagnosis of WM can affect patients finances in many ways; having to travel further to see a specialist, changing work hours to accommodate treatment or symptoms or even having to stop work altogether can all have a huge financial impact..

Thanks to the kind donations from the WM community, WMUK has been able to launch the Patient Assistance Fund to offer support to individuals who may be struggling financially.

WMUK have assigned an initial £10,000 for the WMUK Patient Assistance Fund for 2023. Each successful application will receive a one-off £200 payment via BACS transfer. The grant will not be means tested and no proof of expenditure will be needed.

The grant will be open to patients diagnosed with WM or LPL only (you’ll need a letter from a clinician confirming your diagnosis) and you must be living in the UK.

For Full terms and conditions and to download the application form click here.


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