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Louis Walsh’s Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinaemia blood cancer diagnosis

We are really sad to hear of Louis Walsh’s WM diagnosis with the rare blood cancer, Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinaemia, and thank him for the courage to talk so openly about it on Big Brother.

We are glad to hear that Louis sounds like he is in remission, but for many WM can be a cruel disease, with a host of different symptoms that affect people in many ways. Symptoms can be acute in some, while minimal in others. There are some really important facts that we feel it’s crucial to share.

Key to know is that it is currently incurable, but there are treatments for this rare blood cancer, however these treatments are limited and frequently depend on where a patient is being treated, what treatment they’ve had before and, because it is so very rare, the knowledge of their local healthcare team in treating the disease.

As a blood cancer WM is slow-growing and people can live with the disease, albeit suffering from its often myriad of symptoms. Some people die of complications linked to the disease or its treatment, rather than the disease itself. However, it can, and does, kill, especially if it transforms into a more aggressive form of lymphoma.

WMUK is the only UK organisation focused solely on WM, supporting patients and loved ones affected by the disease, while working intensively with experts to find new and better treatments for WM.

Visit our ‘What is Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinaemia?’ fact page and if you are at all worried then contact us at

Again we are so pleased to hear that Louis Walsh is doing well and the very best of luck in Big Brother!

Jane Nicholson, CEO, WMUK


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