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Support Update

I am writing to inform you that Bob Perry, Community Support Manager, will resign from his paid role with WMUK at the end of the month.

Bob has been an integral part of the development of patient support at WMUK and we would like to acknowledge his dedication and passion over the past two years. There is no doubt Bob has made a difference to people’s lives as they deal with their WM diagnosis. Bob will continue to be a valued member of the WM community and will sit on the International Committee of the IWMF as part of a collaborative partnership.

At WMUK we understand how important support is and we’re delighted that Alison McKinney who has already been offering practical and emotional support via our Patient Support Line will now expand her time to deliver our support programme moving forward.

Alison is a clinically trained cancer nurse and so is well-placed to provide this support. In addition, she has worked closely with other specialists to develop our full range of services.

Please feel free to contact Alison Monday – Thursday 9 am until 5 pm on 0300 373 8500 or email with immediate effect.

Yours sincerely

Jane Nicholson CEO


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