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Covid19 Treatment Pathways

At WMUK, we understand that the information around Covid-19 is regularly changing for WM patients, and how this can lead to some further concern and confusion.  

We wanted to put together some useful information that will help you navigate Covid-19 whilst living with WM.

WM patients & covid

WM Patients and Covid-19

All WM patients, regardless of whether you are on treatment for your WM or not, are deemed to be in the ‘high-risk’ patient group as WM falls into the category of a chronic B-cell lymphoproliferative disorder.

This is outlined in the GOV.UK criteria report which you can find here

This means that WM patients are eligible for Covid-19 booster vaccines, as well as the possibility to be considered for Covid-19 treatment if you test positive.


This information is also provided in a useful PDF that Blood Cancer UK have put together, that you may find useful to keep on hand

Covid vaccines

Covid-19 vaccines

The Spring Covid-19 booster vaccine should be available between mid-March until June, and will be available to the following people:


  • Adults aged 75 years and over.

  • Residents in a care home for older adults.

  • Individuals aged 6 months and over who are immunosuppressed.

For information on how to access a booster vaccine throughout the UK, please see below:

More information can also be found on the Blood Cancer UK website.

Covid testing

Testing for Covid-19

  • As WM patients are deemed to be a ‘high-risk’ group, you are also eligible for free Lateral Flow Device (LFD) tests.

  • It is recommended that you keep some LFD tests at home so that if you have any symptoms of Covid-19, you can test as soon as possible.

  • From the 6th November 2023, LFD tests will no longer be available to order from Gov.UK or from 119.
    Eligible patients will be able to collect 1 box of 5 LFD tests from their local pharmacy. 

Covi positive

If you test positive for Covid-19

The guidance for reporting a positive Covid-19 test and accessing treatment varies throughout the UK.

Blood Cancer UK has detailed information on the actions you should take depending on where you live, which you can access here.


As well as following the steps outlined on the Blood Cancer UK website, please keep in mind the following:


  • Being a WM patient means you are potentially eligible for treatment. The decision to commence Covid-19 treatment will be based on other contributing factors, such as:

    - If you have experienced symptoms caused by Covid-19 within the last 5 days
    - The current treatment you are taking for your WM
    - Other health conditions/co-morbidities


  • Once you have reported your positive test following the steps outlined on the Blood Cancer UK website, it is important to also inform your haematology team – especially if you are currently on treatment.

    This is so that they can be aware of your clinical needs, but also so they can offer advice on the most appropriate Covid-19 treatment for you. For example, some antiviral medications interact with BTK Inhibitors, so your clinical team may advise you on what would be the most appropriate treatment.

Furthe Covid support

Further support

If you have any further questions relating to WM and Covid-19, or any of the information provided above, then we are here to help.

Please contact our support line on 0300 373 8500 or email

Disclaimer: The information on this page was correct at the time of writing however, they will be checked and updated on a regular basis for accuracy.

Last updated: 31 October 2023

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