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Active Monitoring

Active monitoring is when your healthcare team monitor your Waldenstrom's macroglobulinaemia, rather than treating it right away. You may hear it called ‘active surveillance’ or ‘watch and wait’.

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A Key Step to a Standard Care Pathway for WM

The WMUK Active Monitoring Checklist

We’re pleased to publish the WMUK Active Monitoring Checklist for use by all WMers, as part of your journey living with Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia.


Designed by patients and clinicians, the Active Monitoring checklist will help you feel confident discussing essential elements of care with your clinical teams, and represents an important step in helping to create a standard care pathway for WM!

Made in collaboration with WMers

We want your feedback

In support of the checklist we have also discussed the experience of active monitoring with fellow WMers Andrea and Tim, who kindly agreed we could share their thoughts.

We have also developed a ‘how to’ guide patient resource, that follows the journey of a WM patient, aiming to allow newly diagnosed patients to understand what to expect of their consultations, while signposting them to resources that will help them better navigate clinician conversations. This we will be able to release in the coming days too.

As you begin using the checklist, we welcome your thoughts and feedback on how it is helping you manage your WM, so do get in touch.