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Your Donations DOUBLED This Christmas

Here at WMUK we’re constantly striving to improve care and find new treatments for WM.

This Christmas we have an opportunity to make real progress through an exciting initiative called the Big Give.

What is the Big Give? The Big Give is an online giving platform, which makes it easy for people to support great causes like ours.

What’s most exciting is that any donation WMUK receive via the Big Give platform from 28 November to 5 December will be DOUBLED!

So, your donation of £25 becomes £50, £50 becomes £100!

Why is this important?

You know what a cruel disease WM is. But because it’s so rare, there are very few treatments available in the UK.

The rarity of the disease means that medical professionals don’t have enough information to shape meaningful research projects – which will ultimately lead to more therapies and improved care.

To create this change, we need more data! And patients hold the key.

What will it achieve?

You may be aware of the pilot project we’re running called WM+ME. Through the Big Give we want to take this to the next level to ensure everyone with WM benefits.

With your help, we want to develop a mobile app that puts patients in control of their care and makes it really easy to collect and share data anonymously.

The app will:

1. Give patients immediate access to essential information about WM.

Think of is as an expert in your pocket who you can refer to about anything WM-related. Patients can also use it to log appointments, check medical records, search for clinical trials and join the WM community forums.

2. Make it easy for patients to collect and share information – completely anonymously – about symptoms and treatment.

This is gold dust to researchers. It’s the missing ingredient they need to develop better treatments, and ensure they are approved quickly.

What impact will this have?

We truly believe this could be game changing for the WM community. It will give patients the information they need to advocate for themselves and their care.

It will also give researchers the concrete evidence they need to bolster drug appraisals and get them approved by NICE and other governing bodies.

We believe this will be the catalyst that sparks further research and investment.

How much so we need?

We are hoping to raise a total of £34,500 through the Big Give, but the good news is, due to the way the Big Give works, every donation we receive through the public campaign next week is doubled to our target amount.

To benefit from the doubling effect, all donations need to be made via the Big Give portal between 28 November and 5 December 2023.

What’s Next?

You’ll be receiving more emails from us over the next few days with information about how you can give.

The other way you can help is to spread the word, by sharing our posts on social media and letting friends and family know what an impact their donation could have.

CLICK HERE to visit our Big Give page.


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