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Health professionals

Image of WM expert doctors at Patient-Doctor Summit 2020
WM is a rare type of blood cancer. It has its own distinct characteristics that require specialised treatment and care.


There are published guidelines on the diagnosis and management of WM (BJH 2014) written by doctors with a specialist interest in WM. New guidelines are due to be published in 2020.

Treatment centres

WMUK recommends that WM patients are treated in specialist units that see higher numbers of WM patients. This provides access to the latest treatments, scanning facilities, associated services, eg. neurological clinics to treat neuropathy, and clinical trials. Alternatively, local haematologists can provide high quality treatment and care in consultation with a specialist unit.

It is vital in WM that the right treatment is given at the right time. A specialist unit is best placed to make an assessment to ensure that first-line treatments do not prejudice later therapies such as autologous stem cell transplants.

For more information about WM specialist units in the UK, click here

The Rory Morrison WMUK Registry

Health professionals who treat WM patients are encouraged to submit data to The Rory Morrison WMUK Registry (RMR), which collects clinical data about WM patients.